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how the hustle brussel started

The idea of the Hustle Brussel came to fruition in 2020 by Chef Kayla through the encouragement of her friends.

It started out as a two week trial, but Kayla quickly realized how deeply passionate she was about providing a much needed healthy food service for busy people's lifestyles.

It seems that collectively our diet is the first thing to suffer when on the go and caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

Whether it's making quick choices of fast food or even skipping meals, which at times can lead to late night binges.

The Hustle Brussel is designed to take the stress of meal planning out of day-to-day life, without putting your diet and nutrition on the back burner.

The Hustle Brussel
The Hustle Brussel

about the owner

Kayla Board, the Founder of the hustle brussel was raised in Kentucky, the home of hot browns and fried chicken; and a healthy diet was not a top priority growing up.

Kayla fully committed to a plant based diet in 2018 served as her catalyst for creating menus.

Inspired by all different types of cuisine, Kayla has a knack and finds deep joy in creating a wide range of dishes. 

Through this endeavor, Kayla has discovered her true passion is cooking and her greatest joy is sharing meals with loved ones.

we offer whole food plant based meals with gluten free options

packaged in compostable containers

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The Hustle Brussel

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The Hustle Brussel